Animation Legends Masters of the Universe Review (Cel 10 pack)

I bought a mystery 10 pack of original MOTU animation cels, this is the result

It all started on an Instagram ad (yep, it worked) with the announcement of “Original Masters of the Universe animation cels for sale!” and I was hooked in. Clicking through to the website I had some natural doubts because:

  1. I have never found an Instagram ad that lead to an actual sale
  2. Animation cels from this era are notoriously expensive
  3. As an eternal pessimist I find most things too good to be true

I read through the site which is small but professional enough. “50% off sale”, okay sure a first time buying promo. You could buy a 3-pack for $25, a 5-pack for $35 or a 10-pack for $49, interesting.

The sales pitch guarantees at least 1 A-rated cel or in other words something besides a bit character or Orko’s floating hat.


I bought in at the $49 level for a sweet 10 pack.

Fast forward a few days later (6 to my recollection) and I got an email stating the package was delivered. Message my wife, bad news. She found this crammed into our mailbox.

Mangled shipping package containing animation cels 🙁


I knew my USPS was a dick but I didn’t think he folded document envelopes so he could save himself 3 minutes, but here was the proof.

Upon arriving home and examining the package I noticed there was no stickers or notices explicitly stating “do not fold”. (Update: after contacting the company they are now adding stickers to their packages and promptly sent a replacement cel as one was damaged. Kudos to them for awesome customer service!).

Overall the cels weren’t as mangled as I feared. One larger cel did have some notable flaking but other than that everything else seemed fine.

The Ten Animation Cels I Received

He-Man in action

Cel 1: He-Man…swinging or something. A nice shot of He-Man in action with great line and color work.

Chopped Teela

Cel 2: Amputee Teela in motion. This could have been a fantastic cel but given they needed to animate her arm movement those exist elsewhere.


Cel 3: “Yukkers”. Yep, it’s one of Orko’s family members! Yukkers is not often spoken about but he did appear in a few episodes. This one is unique and dig it.


Cel 4: Orko! A small, floating Orko cel that unfortunately has seen better days. Still a great cel.

Cel 5: Creeping green dragon.

Cel 6: Some woman playing scoop ball? This is one of the A-rated cels simply for its size.

Cel 7: Naked, faceless, turquoise guy. Someone tell me who this guy is! Another A-rated cel I presume.

2nd Orko cel

Cel 8: The second Orko cel! This one is quite good, I like his mischievous look made better by being much larger than the previous Orko cel.

Beastman a tumbling

Cel 9: Itty bitty Beastman in free fall.

Merman is…climbing?

Cel 10: Merman is up to something in this one but I can’t really say what…or why.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am pleased with this blind bag assortment of cels. $50 for 10 legit MOTU animation cels is a hell of a deal considering how rare these things are in 2020. Sure, some of them lack that wow factor but even if you manage 3-4 solid cels of the bunch it’s hard to beat.

Animation Legends has a few other shows up on their website which you can buy cels for (Sonic, Street Fighter, and more) and list of coming soon cartoons that include Bravestarr, Ghostbusters, Skeleton Warriors among dozens of others.

Note: As of this writing Animation Legends has suspended business due to concern of the covid-19 virus with a future relaunch. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the state of the world at the moment.

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