Animation Legends Masters of the Universe Review (Cel 10 pack)

I bought a mystery 10 pack of original MOTU animation cels, this is the result It all started on an Instagram ad (yep, it worked) with the announcement of “Original Masters of the Universe animation cels for sale!” and I was hooked in. Clicking through to the website I had some natural doubts because: I have never found an Instagram ad that lead to an actual sale Animation cels from this era are notoriously expensive As an eternal pessimist I

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VT Antique Store Expedition

vt antique store thrift junk

The Dust, The Junk, The Adventure My experience at Shed Sales Antiques Let me begin this by saying I have driven by this antique store no less than 1,000 times and each time I would glance at its windows, admiring what appeared to be a monumental amount of “stuff” packed into every inch. The appearance was that it had been closed for the last decade or so I took it as a once great antique spot lost to time. Thankfully,

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Reaching Collection Critical Mass, When Too Much is Too Much

When you come to realize your collection is dominating your life and that it sucks It’s been happening for a while now, my collection, my space all at a crossroads. In every collector’s journey into “accumulating stuff” outlined so elegantly here by my friend Brian at Cool & Collected there are phases and my current one is “reduction”. Let me first be clear, I love stuff, especially old 80’s stuff. I mean the decade was so ripe with incredible pop

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The Nintendo Wii, 11 Years Later

How the Wii holds up, perspective from a 4 year old child and a 33 year old dad The Wii, such a monumental leap in gaming. No the visuals weren’t great, the internals were far below the competitors, and the gimmicky nature made some people groan but something is to be said about bringing gaming to the masses en large. Let’s think of it this way, not  only did I have it as a 22 year old in 2006 but

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Video Rental Stores, Life in the 90’s


Remembering the ups, downs and lack of rewinds of renting videos (and games) in the 90’s First things first, I don’t miss video rentals. The concept is antiquated and was quite frankly, frustrating as hell in the past (late fees, extra charges, disappointment). What I do miss is the experience of video rentals and the atmosphere of mom & pop shops. Locally growing up we had one (eventually two!) video rental spots in my tiny little VT town of Cambridge

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Fascination: Dead Malls

Urban exploration taken to the next level The mall. If you were a teenager or well, just about anyone alive between the mid 1970’s to early 2000’s the mall is undoubtedly a familiar place. Me? Yeah it was a destination. I had my favorite shops I ad to stop at over the years in our fabled local mall: Electronics Boutique Babbages KayBee Toys Borders (comics & magazines) Ames Department Store There were more as the shuffle of spaces ultimately progressed.

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Pop Culture League: Buying Blind

Throwing away money, one bag at a time Love. Hate. Blind bag toys. You know the appeal. They sit on those shelves beckoning. Taunting you with shiny wrapped chunk of mystery that you crave. Maybe this one is the rare chase glow in the dark 1/5,000,000 toy? Probably not. Regardless the fun is contagious and with the sheer number of options out there make it impossible to say no. I have my own weaknesses, mostly in the Ninja Turtles realm.

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Dead Magazines: Disney Adventures

Welcome to dead magazines, the feature where we reminisce about old magazines from days past! Back in the early 90’s as a young kid I was absolutely infatuated with Disney Adventures magazine. The small format, enticing covers, and easy access at the grocery store checkout made this a must have monthly. Sure there was a lot of begging involved on my end each month for this but it usually panned out. Disney Adventures had a lot going for it. Comics? Check.

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Pop Culture League: #SHELFIE

pop ulture league shlfie

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers returns as the Pop Culture League Post one: #Shelfie Oh it has been a while. Brian over at Cool & Collected used to have this themed blog challenge called The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Well it is back and more social media savvy than ever. First challenge, post a shelfie (AKA your shelf of random stuff however you define that). My choice is really one of my favorite collections I own. I have an old stamp shelf

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VHS Has Become a Collector Fad

VHS May be Dead, But Not Forgotten How and why VHS Lives on VHS (video home system) is very much dead (2008 was the final nail), dead just like audio cassettes and 8-tracks. Regardless of their antiquated status fond memories of them live on in people like me and perhaps even you (GASP). This heartwarming nostalgia leads us to rediscover these types of old media. You know the feeling, you hit POWER on the VCR and it whirrs to life. Find your

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