Animation Legends Masters of the Universe Review (Cel 10 pack)

I bought a mystery 10 pack of original MOTU animation cels, this is the result It all started on an Instagram ad (yep, it worked) with the announcement of “Original Masters of the Universe animation cels for sale!” and I was hooked in. Clicking through to the website I had some natural doubts because: I have never found an Instagram ad that lead to an actual sale Animation cels from this era are notoriously expensive As an eternal pessimist I

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VT Antique Store Expedition

vt antique store thrift junk

The Dust, The Junk, The Adventure My experience at Shed Sales Antiques Let me begin this by saying I have driven by this antique store no less than 1,000 times and each time I would glance at its windows, admiring what appeared to be a monumental amount of “stuff” packed into every inch. The appearance was that it had been closed for the last decade or so I took it as a once great antique spot lost to time. Thankfully,

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