Pop Culture League: Buying Blind

Throwing away money, one bag at a time Love. Hate. Blind bag toys. You know the appeal. They sit on those shelves beckoning. Taunting you with shiny wrapped chunk of mystery that you crave. Maybe this one is the rare chase glow in the dark 1/5,000,000 toy? Probably not. Regardless the fun is contagious and with the sheer number of options out there make it impossible to say no. I have my own weaknesses, mostly in the Ninja Turtles realm.

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Pop Culture League: #SHELFIE

pop ulture league shlfie

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers returns as the Pop Culture League Post one: #Shelfie Oh it has been a while. Brian over at Cool & Collected used to have this themed blog challenge called The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Well it is back and more social media savvy than ever. First challenge, post a shelfie (AKA your shelf of random stuff however you define that). My choice is really one of my favorite collections I own. I have an old stamp shelf

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