Pop Culture League: Buying Blind


Throwing away money, one bag at a time

Love. Hate. Blind bag toys.

You know the appeal. They sit on those shelves beckoning. Taunting you with shiny wrapped chunk of mystery that you crave. Maybe this one is the rare chase glow in the dark 1/5,000,000 toy? Probably not. Regardless the fun is contagious and with the sheer number of options out there make it impossible to say no.

I have my own weaknesses, mostly in the Ninja Turtles realm. Mega Bloks minifigures are really fun. At $3 a pop I don’t feel bad about rolling the dice on these, not to mention the Mega Bloks stuff is so cool these days.

loyal-subjectsAnother really exciting blind box is the stuff coming from The Loyal Subjects. Basically small action figures with exceptional sculpting and even some fun accessories. The catch? Friggin $13 a pop! Really tough to make that call when the “mystery” costs you more than a regular action figure.

I used to collect other blind bags. Lego, TMNT Mashups, Imaginext, and god knows what else. Had to cut back because one too many gambles paid off in multiples and heartbreak. Once you have 3 of the same thing the magic really fades.

Fakers and cheats and jerks

Cheating has never been my game plan. I know there are some workarounds for deciphering codes printed on packaging. What’s the fun in that? It isn’t so “blind” if you know exactly what’s in the bag.

Also what the hell is with package openers? Really? Sit in the aisles and pretend to be discreet about opening things is shitty. You also know most of these perpetrators are grown adults. Come on.

So in closing bling bag toys are drugs. Be aware, be safe.

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