Pop Culture League: #SHELFIE

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers returns as the Pop Culture League

Post one: #Shelfie

Oh it has been a while. Brian over at Cool & Collected used to have this themed blog challenge called The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Well it is back and more social media savvy than ever.

First challenge, post a shelfie (AKA your shelf of random stuff however you define that).

My choice is really one of my favorite collections I own. I have an old stamp shelf that I have fashioned to hold all of my random small toys hung lovingly above my home office desk. This serves as a catchall for everything of a certain size whether it be fast food toys, MUSCLE, Gi Joe, plastic robots, STOMPERS Mega Force, Jurassic Park mini dinos, and anything else I find.

This mashup of minis is something I keep coming back to, adding and subtracting stuff as I find it. I really enjoy the cobbled together cubby collections this holds. A big reason I find it fun is that it is stress free. I can add whatever I want wherever I want without a thought on completeness or perceived value. These are glorified knick knacks that I like but have no big sentimental attachment to. It really emphasizes for me what collecting is all about and should be about, fun!

So if you enjoyed the view of my shelves take a look at some fellow bloggers #shelfies

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