Video Rental Stores, Life in the 90’s


Remembering the ups, downs and lack of rewinds of renting videos (and games) in the 90’s First things first, I don’t miss video rentals. The concept is antiquated and was quite frankly, frustrating as hell in the past (late fees, extra charges, disappointment). What I do miss is the experience of video rentals and the atmosphere of mom & pop shops. Locally growing up we had one (eventually two!) video rental spots in my tiny little VT town of Cambridge

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VHS Has Become a Collector Fad

VHS May be Dead, But Not Forgotten How and why VHS Lives on VHS (video home system) is very much dead (2008 was the final nail), dead just like audio cassettes and 8-tracks. Regardless of their antiquated status fond memories of them live on in people like me and perhaps even you (GASP). This heartwarming nostalgia leads us to rediscover these types of old media. You know the feeling, you hit POWER on the VCR and it whirrs to life. Find your

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