Animation Legends Masters of the Universe Review (Cel 10 pack)

I bought a mystery 10 pack of original MOTU animation cels, this is the result It all started on an Instagram ad (yep, it worked) with the announcement of “Original Masters of the Universe animation cels for sale!” and I was hooked in. Clicking through to the website I had some natural doubts because: I have never found an Instagram ad that lead to an actual sale Animation cels from this era are notoriously expensive As an eternal pessimist I

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Reaching Collection Critical Mass, When Too Much is Too Much

When you come to realize your collection is dominating your life and that it sucks It’s been happening for a while now, my collection, my space all at a crossroads. In every collector’s journey into “accumulating stuff” outlined so elegantly here by my friend Brian at Cool & Collected there are phases and my current one is “reduction”. Let me first be clear, I love stuff, especially old 80’s stuff. I mean the decade was so ripe with incredible pop

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The Nintendo Wii, 11 Years Later

How the Wii holds up, perspective from a 4 year old child and a 33 year old dad The Wii, such a monumental leap in gaming. No the visuals weren’t great, the internals were far below the competitors, and the gimmicky nature made some people groan but something is to be said about bringing gaming to the masses en large. Let’s think of it this way, not  only did I have it as a 22 year old in 2006 but

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