VHS Has Become a Collector Fad

VHS May be Dead, But Not Forgotten

How and why VHS Lives on

VHS (video home system) is very much dead (2008 was the final nail), dead just like audio cassettes and 8-tracks. Regardless of their antiquated status fond memories of them live on in people like me and perhaps even you (GASP).

This heartwarming nostalgia leads us to rediscover these types of old media. You know the feeling, you hit POWER on the VCR and it whirrs to life. Find your VHS by visually scanning the rows of stacked tapes by their side box art. Release it from its paper tomb and drop it into the VCR,

LIFE (maybe)!

Analog Won’t Die

VHS, cassette, vinyl, they all have found a niche in today’s market. The tactile experience of using analog media cannot be duplicated in modern day on-demand media. Long gone are the days of “Be Kind, Rewind” though not many miss it.

Why watch anything on VHS though? Well like most things, nostalgia! Nothing takes you back to 1995 like a package of Dunkaroos and your beaten copy of Batman 1989. It is the experience that sells.

That Tasty Sleeve Art

You know it, you love it still. Package art and design for VHS sleeves is as unique as anything out there and something sorely missing from modern media. The more lowbrow and low budget the movie the better the sleeve art tended to be.

The art was so good that there are even books about them:



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