VT Antique Store Expedition

The Dust, The Junk, The Adventure

My experience at Shed Sales Antiques

Let me begin this by saying I have driven by this antique store no less than 1,000 times and each time I would glance at its windows, admiring what appeared to be a monumental amount of “stuff” packed into every inch. The appearance was that it had been closed for the last decade or so I took it as a once great antique spot lost to time.


Thankfully, I was wrong.

During a random drive by I noticed a sign which read “Sale 30% Off Everything” and well it sure did pique my interest. I did a U turn and dropped in and yes, it was indeed open. After years of my wondering it was now time to explore this what appeared to be wondrous house of mysteries.


Overwhelming, but truly interesting

Upon entering it quickly became clear just how much stuff was crammed into this place, quite breathtaking to say the least if not simply overwhelming. Now when you hear “covered from floor to ceiling” that usually is a bit of an exaggeration, well not in this case.

Every. Single. Square. Inch.

It was amazing, things hung from the ceiling, stacked from the floor to the windows, and yeah even in the windows were full. If there was ever a feeling of adventuring through a jungle of stuff this was surely it. Also gave me a glimpse at what my home could look like if I went too far collecting.

As a bit of a mad collector this was in short, awesome. I walked about admiring the sheer magnitude of it all as I scanned the walls, ceiling, and floors for treasure. I found some weird and wonderful things I would like to share:


Mid Century Golden Books

So many! Yeah if you are a vintage children’s book collector with a fondness for Golden Books these stacks are for you. I grabbed a handful, see further below.

Vintage Garfield Glass

I really like Garfield and pick up most anything with his feline face on it. Unfortunately I passed on this one as the price was a bit too steep.


McDonalds Grimace Cookie Jar (!!)

I mean, come on. A huge Grimace cookie jar? This was another one I regrettably left behind.


Return of the Jedi Children’s Desk

Star Wars nerds rejoice, your answers for a kid sized desk have been answered. I originally thought it was some sort of bookshelf until I got a closer look. Gotta love that Ewok art though.


Blue Falcon & Dynomutt Lunchbox

Vintage lunch boxes are cool and there isn’t really much more that needs to be said about that.

I feel like I simply scratched the surface on this place, there was so much to look at and discover. A labyrinth of “things” cannot be completely explored in an hour.

The Stuff I Brought Home

Yeah I definitely had to bring a few select items home. As much as I wanted to snag a number of the things mentioned prior being selective is a necessary precaution for any collector.

McDonaldLand Glasses and Mac Tonight Glass

I really enjoy glassware with ridiculous characters on them, especially fast food mascots. These 4 are some that I have never seen before, which says something.

While the McDonaldland characters are a lot of fun I was ecstatic to find a Mac Tonight glass! Mac Tonight, the more offbeat mascot for McDonalds in the 1980’s was and is a favorite. This right here was worth the digging alone.


80’s Toys, Something For Everyone

Nothing makes me stop dead in my tracks like 80’s toys. The nostalgia of it all is irresistible and the little bins this shop had were worth the digging.

A Bionic 6 character (Madame 0), The Noid, A Popple, and Hulk Hogan among others. Gold.


A Handful of Vintage Golden Books

Vintage children’s books are an absolute weakness for me, and many can be had for cheap. The illustrations are the primary appeal and the stack I picked up is no exception. Check the cover on Freckle Face Strawberry!


Vintage Zenith Flip Clock Radio

Some 1970’s goodness right here. While not everyone’s cup of tea I find a vintage radio so appealing. Unfortunately this guy’s clock is not working, but hopefully some surgery can fix that.

70s ronald mcdonald doll

Ronald Freakin McDonald Himself (70s Version)

Hell yes Ronald, all the way from 1978 or so. Creepy as all hell but it doesn’t matter, still cool. Bonus of tiny Grimace in his pocket.

The Magic of a New Antique Store

The fun of discovering a place like this (Shed Sales Antiques BTW) is not simply the thrill of the hunt but just the history packed into the walls. You can dig through 60 year old magazines or find some random piece of nostalgia you had forgotten about and maybe, just maybe, you can find a Grimace cookie jar and leave it behind like a fool.

In wrapping this up I want to leave you with this one, insanely creepy magazine cover I discovered, enjoy.

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